Quick and Easy Thyme Roasted Carrots | Olive & Idlewood

Thyme Roasted Carrots

These thyme roasted carrots are a quick, delicious (and healthy!) side dish that comes together with just a handful of ingredients in a matter of minutes.

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Finn the Great

Meet Finn!

First, it was the holidays. Then I started a new job. And then we spontaneously adopted a sweet new puppy. All the while Olive & Idlewood sat patiently on the back burner through these busy times. But I’m glad to say that I am finally back, feeling inspired, and ready to get this passion-project going again! But first up, let me introduce you to Finn, our sweet young pup and Olive’s beloved little brother, the main reason things have been so quiet around here these past few months! Continue Reading


25 Before 25

On Sunday, I’ll turn 24. While I’ve long lamented my birthday—my fellow December and January babies, you get me—I’ll reluctantly admit my early January birthday has a few perks: It was almost always guaranteed I wouldn’t have to go to school on my birthday (long live winter break!), the holidays seem to last just a little bit longer, and the start of a new calendar year coinciding with being officially one year older always feels like the freshest start. This year, I’m taking advantage of that fresh start and morphing those New Years’ Resolutions I often set and forget into a bit of a challenge: 25 things to do, accomplish, make, learn, see before I turn 25 next year.
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Hot, spiced mulled wine via OliveandIdlewood.com

Mulled Wine

I’m perpetually cold and as autumn wanes and temperatures continue to drop, I’ve been reaching for every cozy pair of socks, warm blanket and hot drink I can get my hands on. This mulled wine hits the spot. With warm cider, spices, and a bottle of wine to boot, stir up a pot of hot mulled wine and get cozy. Continue Reading